Each month millions of people are searching for the cheapest web hosting company who will host their website.

For web hosting in Australia & New Zealand we are very competitive.

If you want the cheapest cheap hosting package then you are sure to be disappointed.

The problem with cheap hosting is that since the prices are very, very low and sometimes free, then you have to put up with a slow website and FTP service, a bad customer support service, an unreliable server that is more offline than it is online.

Free web hosting is obviously the cheapest and 99% of these companies will not provide enough webspace to fit your thriving website. They will also not permit you to run PHP scripts that help make a site worth re-visting, and such free hosting providers enforce advertising and/or pop-up ads.

A cheap yet affordable high quality web hosting company like us is money well spent. Review our pricing or contact us today to get your website on a good web server.


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